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Are you also reading Toiletpaper?

When buying a newspaper, for what exactly are you paying? For the paper or the content within the paper?
Well, if it would be for the paper, you could probably read last years newspaper much cheaper. Or perhaps you could save yourself the hassle and simply read the toilet paper in the morning instead, it wouldn’t […]

Faster, Longer, Better and…Cheaper

All those superlatives reflect really what the StartCom Certificate Authority really tries to present and deliver to its subscribers. Considering that StartCom provides legitimate, renewable digital SSL certificates with a validity period of one year free of charge, it’s hard to argue that it can get any cheaper. We don’t have to argue - they […]

Who am I?

I just recently answered one of those trending quizzes via Twitter during one of my shifts. Yeah, I know, I should have been working instead, but hey, it was a few minutes relaxing and just doing something else. Even though I know that the final results are prepared and compiled according to the questions and […]

It’s all about the Moon

During the next few days he won’t be really seen a lot and nevertheless, earth closest neighbor and companion will play a major role. Tomorrow the moon will obscure the sunlight in some regions here on earth, resulting in a spectacular solar eclipse. It will be perhaps the first time that I’m sorry that I’m […]

Securing a Revolution

It’s my own and StartCom’s company policy to refrain from voicing personal opinions regarding political matters. Otherwise however StartCom takes a clear stance when proclaiming:
We believe in the right to protect and secure information between two entities without discrimination of race, origin and financial capabilities.

The Geek Factor

I don’t need any stinkin’ CA issued certificates for my web sites, for this I do -  openssl 123 …
So goes the usual rant by geeks, hackers and open source enthusiasts against the certification authorities and their accomplices Internet Explorer, Firefox and Co.. Why is that and did anything change?

Tweet - Twits - Twitter?

Whatever the micro-blogging is actually called, everybody seems to be doing it. No, I didn’t join all those Web 2.0 social sites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, but Twitter seems to be different. And highly popular too.
I’m not sure if anybody would really care about what I’m doing right now, but it seems that Twitter is […]


I’m always getting excited when looking at the night sky - to look at the huge universe as far as I can see. Our nearest companion - the moon - signals our monthly cycle, at least for the Jewish Calendar. The other planets of the solar system may be also visible by the naked eye, […]

Against the Current

As such nothing special, one might think when reading  the above title in relation to StartCom, right? Because the company I founded does many things already entirely different than others and literally moves many times against the current.
So how are we doing these days, when we hear in the news media on a daily basis […]

Joint Venture

I’m excited to personally announce the joint venture between SevenL Networks and MediaHost™, StartCom’s long-standing hosting department. What started as a noble gesture from SevenL, developed into a partnership for our combined hosting companies and has the potential to grow much stronger at different fields and interests where both our companies are actively involved.
SevenL […]