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“Free and Professional” not a contradiction

Free stuff is many times accompanied with a bad taste in common public opinion. As a rare exception, the open source software movement however has successfully disproved this impression during the last decade. Today major firms are involved in this open and free stuff, from IBM, Sun, HP and Novell - not to mention Red […]

More secure future for OpenID?

Last year I was involved at OpenID and pushed - in opposition of the open and free concept of the OpenID standard - for two major changes. The first was to make it more secure by requiring Identity Providers (IDP) to run their authentication services SSL/TLS secured instead of plain text. The second was to […]

Google Desktop for Linux?

Today I found that Google released the (in)famous Google Desktop for Linux. So I’m usually thrilled when Google and other big companies/software makers release new programs for Linux in addition to its counterparts for Windows and Mac, this one is a bit different. The “advanced features” allows this tool to collect a limited amount of […]