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Securing a Revolution

It’s my own and StartCom’s company policy to refrain from voicing personal opinions regarding political matters. Otherwise however StartCom takes a clear stance when proclaiming:
We believe in the right to protect and secure information between two entities without discrimination of race, origin and financial capabilities.

StartSSLâ„¢ OpenID Provider

A new year and already a new service: StartSSLâ„¢ is going to be an OpenID provider for digital identities! This is great news for various reasons…
Last summer (2007) I asked at this web log if there is going to be a more secure future for OpenID. In that post I explained where the dangers […]

More secure future for OpenID?

Last year I was involved at OpenID and pushed - in opposition of the open and free concept of the OpenID standard - for two major changes. The first was to make it more secure by requiring Identity Providers (IDP) to run their authentication services SSL/TLS secured instead of plain text. The second was to […]