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Phishing or Legitimate?

Today I received the email shown below, which looked like a phishing attempt to me, since I don’t have an account at and the mail was sent typically to “undisclosed-recipients“. Hovering over the link in the mail revealed the URL https:// (I deliberately broke the link).

Extended Validation - What it really means

I’m going to give you a better understanding about what extended validation (EV) means and what it really gives to you. Throughout many discussion at Mozilla and elsewhere - and specially since my last article about spoofing the secure state of the upcoming Firefox browser, EV certificates are touted by many as the solution […]

Spoofing SSL in Firefox 3

In just a few days the new Firefox 3 browser from the house of Mozilla will be release. Except of course if another re-build of the current release candidate has to be made, which would push the publishing of the newest browser to sometime in June. One such reason could be the ease somebody can […]

Randomly Broken Randomness

No, it’s not a news item anymore. Nevertheless, after scores of revocation requests came in at the StartCom CA because of a vulnerability in the pseudo random number generator of Debian’s OpenSSL package and dozens of news site reported this stupidity, I can’t hold myself back anymore. The developers of Debian apparently decided to fix […]

Impact of Cyber Risk

BBC reports from the RSA conference in San Fransisco about the heartfelt plea made by Michael Chertoff, the US homeland security chief, to save the world (or at least the US) from threats comparable to the worst of all. He pointed out that securing the nation’s internet highways and byways was a job the federal […]

Smart Cards made easy on Linux and Firefox

The managing of smart cards on Linux has never been easy. There are various projects dedicated to providing drivers and libraries to standard interfaces like PKCS11, most notably the OpenSC project. However despite the hard work and some really good tools these projects produced, there was nothing the more casual user could use easily (and […]

Goodbye Netscape…

…or the King is dead, long live the King!
Browsing over the latest news at the BBC web site I came across this message. And so I was reading that the browser that helped kick-start the commercial web is to cease development because of lack of users. The browser in question is of course the good […]

Distro Selector

Having not found much time to tend to my web log these days, I shall nevertheless spend some of it, writing this post. Yeah, I was very busy with a lot of different tasks here at StartCom leaving not much room for anything else. First we had the update release of the StartCom MultiMedia Edition […]

MultiMedia Confusion

This week the StartCom MultiMedia Edition’s latest release was reported a few times in the networked media and has also caused some confusion. Distrowatch was the first site to report the availability after StartCom made the official press release public. This was soon followed by Softpedia and DesktopLinux, with a LinuxToday posting as well. Later […]

Live TV and beyond - on the local network

In many households there are more TV sets than persons living in it. In my house it’s the same with computers. Almost in any room is one - and of course because of me, this is a Linux world proper. But nobody is missing out TV either since the day I installed VideoLAN on all […]