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Are you also reading Toiletpaper?

When buying a newspaper, for what exactly are you paying? For the paper or the content within the paper?
Well, if it would be for the paper, you could probably read last years newspaper much cheaper. Or perhaps you could save yourself the hassle and simply read the toilet paper in the morning instead, it wouldn’t […]

Your Digital Identity Card

Ever since I published “The Added Value” in this web log, interest in the StartSSLâ„¢ Web-of-Trust has been growing. More and more members have registered during the summer month and achieved WoT Notary status. I’ve received enthusiastic email messages with encouragements and voicing support for the StartCom certification services in general and the StartSSLâ„¢ WoT […]

The Added Value

Going the easiest way is sometimes, well….easy…But is it always the best way to go? Most likely not! Since setting up the StartSSLâ„¢ Web-Of-Trust Network the community surrounding this project has seen little growth and seems to be going a rocky road. Why’s that and how does this Web-Of-Trust (WoT) compare to others?
Generally speaking, a […]