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The “e” of the Internet

Ever since Mozilla’s Firefox appeared on the scene and ignited renewed competition,  development and innovation of browsers, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has been loosing market share to its competitors. Depending on the source for browser statistics, the Explorer’s market share went anywhere from over 90% in the early years of this decade down to 68% and […]

Competition Spurs Innovation

How times have changed since the number one version of the Firefox browser debuted and for the first time since the Netscape era produced some excitement.  Because shortly thereafter Microsoft decided to invest into development of a new, more advanced version of its own browser after having stagnated with Internet Explorer 6 for years. And […]

Joint Venture

I’m excited to personally announce the joint venture between SevenL Networks and MediaHost™, StartCom’s long-standing hosting department. What started as a noble gesture from SevenL, developed into a partnership for our combined hosting companies and has the potential to grow much stronger at different fields and interests where both our companies are actively involved.
SevenL […]

Securing Websites Economically

With a world-wide recession looming around the corner, budget conscious web site operators will look for ways to save resources wherever they can. Securing and serving multiple web sites from the same server always required a digital certificate and dedicated IP address [1]  for every site and domain. Needless to say this can add to […]

Enjoy your fruits apple

It’s about time to enjoy your fruits - I mean your Apple!
Apple Inc. extended its trust to the StartCom Certification Authority and shipped with their latest updates the newest root CA certificates to their various products. Since version 10.5.5 of Macintosh OS X Leopard, the OSX Root Keychain features both CA roots of StartCom and […]

Spoofing SSL in Firefox 3

In just a few days the new Firefox 3 browser from the house of Mozilla will be release. Except of course if another re-build of the current release candidate has to be made, which would push the publishing of the newest browser to sometime in June. One such reason could be the ease somebody can […]

Randomly Broken Randomness

No, it’s not a news item anymore. Nevertheless, after scores of revocation requests came in at the StartCom CA because of a vulnerability in the pseudo random number generator of Debian’s OpenSSL package and dozens of news site reported this stupidity, I can’t hold myself back anymore. The developers of Debian apparently decided to fix […]

Smart Cards made easy on Linux and Firefox

The managing of smart cards on Linux has never been easy. There are various projects dedicated to providing drivers and libraries to standard interfaces like PKCS11, most notably the OpenSC project. However despite the hard work and some really good tools these projects produced, there was nothing the more casual user could use easily (and […]

Distro Selector

Having not found much time to tend to my web log these days, I shall nevertheless spend some of it, writing this post. Yeah, I was very busy with a lot of different tasks here at StartCom leaving not much room for anything else. First we had the update release of the StartCom MultiMedia Edition […]

MultiMedia Confusion

This week the StartCom MultiMedia Edition’s latest release was reported a few times in the networked media and has also caused some confusion. Distrowatch was the first site to report the availability after StartCom made the official press release public. This was soon followed by Softpedia and DesktopLinux, with a LinuxToday posting as well. Later […]