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Live TV and beyond - on the local network

In many households there are more TV sets than persons living in it. In my house it’s the same with computers. Almost in any room is one - and of course because of me, this is a Linux world proper. But nobody is missing out TV either since the day I installed VideoLAN on all […]

Top Linux for Audio Production

Today I came across a new article about the Top 10 Linux Distributions for Audio Production - Linux Multimedia Stations. Luckily I found our StartCom MultiMedia Edition listed at the 8th place, even so I couldn’t figure which criteria (if at all) was applied to the ranking. Very interesting however was the commentary about our […]

The Oracle Anti Patent-Threat Conspiracy

In November 2006 Novell and Microsoft singed and announced a collaboration agreement between them, which took the Linux world by surprise. Novell is the owner and producer of SUSE Linux which it acquired in 2003.
Novell is also the owner of the UNIX and UnixWare copyrights, which was recently confirmed by a US court, which in […]

“Free and Professional” not a contradiction

Free stuff is many times accompanied with a bad taste in common public opinion. As a rare exception, the open source software movement however has successfully disproved this impression during the last decade. Today major firms are involved in this open and free stuff, from IBM, Sun, HP and Novell - not to mention Red […]

Open Source is about Trust

…or more correct, it’s also about trust, since open source has other aspects such as the freedom and rights to use, study, copy, modify, and redistribute computer programs as defined by the Free Software Foundation (FSF). And free software is a matter of liberty not price, they say. Yeah, they got it right!
So many times, […]

Seasick with Compiz

Today I received a new ATI video card which I promptly installed at my computer. The ATI Radeon™ X1050* is not a specially strong card I’m told, which is rated as an entry-level graphics chip, but still better than the previous one because ATI dropped support for the Radeon® 9200 with the last published driver […]

The Revolution - History - Part 2

During my youth and early adult life I happened to produce lots of music. Having played here and there in local bands and gigs, there was nothing like fulfilling my own ideas up to the last detail. By the age of 20 I had written already a bunch of songs and performed at some smaller […]

Google Desktop for Linux?

Today I found that Google released the (in)famous Google Desktop for Linux. So I’m usually thrilled when Google and other big companies/software makers release new programs for Linux in addition to its counterparts for Windows and Mac, this one is a bit different. The “advanced features” allows this tool to collect a limited amount of […]

The Revolution - History - Part 1

At the age of about 14 I enjoyed hacking my first programs together on a Comodore 64, which belonged to a friend of mine. Sharing his bedroom for the night - and more important his computer - I tried to copy some example games I found in computer magazines into the C-64 and from there […]

BSD Group

Axel from the BSD Group of Germany still owns me a beer as you can read here. He also seems to be one of those important persons who has his own blog, albeit in the German language. Anyway, it was a pleasure to help out with a verified Class 2 certificate!