The Revolution - History - Part 1

At the age of about 14 I enjoyed hacking my first programs together on a Comodore 64, which belonged to a friend of mine. Sharing his bedroom for the night - and more important his computer - I tried to copy some example games I found in computer magazines into the C-64 and from there to the tape which was attached (I always wanted that car racing game).

That meant to type line by line of the printed source text worth a few thousand lines, from the magazine into the machine.

Needless to say, that the programs almost never worked :D

Syntax Error on line…was as far as I got usually.

Comodore 64

But fascinated with this technology and what it can do, I spend already back then my first nights in front of a computer, forgetting about time, food and sleep - something which will repeat itself many years later again.

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