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Apple Macintosh LogoIt’s about time to enjoy your fruits - I mean your Apple!

Apple Inc. extended its trust to the StartCom Certification Authority and shipped with their latest updates the newest root CA certificates to their various products. Since version 10.5.5 of Macintosh OS X Leopard, the OSX Root Keychain features both CA roots of StartCom and now my friends, this is the time to get rid of all your invalid and insecure certificates.

StartCom CA in Apple Macintosh Keychain

Unfortunately there is still a bug which prevents the use of the Safari browser for registering with the StartSSL CA application, but we are working with Apple to solve this issue. It’s not clear right now who’s fault this is, ours or that of Safari, but we’ll soon know…

At this stage however I want to thank Apple for their unwavering support towards our certification authority - the only authority on the Internet which keeps - without compromising on your security - digital certification affordable and free! Thousands of subscribers, relying parties and myself  appreciate the trust the StartCom Certification Authority has received!

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