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MediaHostâ„¢I’m excited to personally announce the joint venture between SevenL Networks and MediaHostâ„¢, StartCom’s long-standing hosting department. What started as a noble gesture from SevenL, developed into a partnership for our combined hosting companies and has the potential to grow much stronger at different fields and interests where both our companies are actively involved.

SevenL NetworksSevenL approached StartCom a while ago and offered us a dedicated server based in their data-center. Simply because they wanted to give something back to vendors of Linux operating systems of which they make heavy use in their data-center. And in this way we were able to add another mirror for StartCom Linux, but also learn about the folks from Toronto. Quickly did we agree on the advantages for a joint operation in the hosting field with reduced costs, combined marketing efforts, better serviceability and reliability for our customers and so forth.

StartCom LinuxGiving and giving something back has clearly paid out for both StartCom and SevenL. StartCom produces and provides the StartCom Linux operating systems to the public free of charge. Needless to say that StartCom uses its operating system extensively for all purposes in-house - but also lets the public enjoy the fruits of that labor as well. SevenL - a user of open source software, decided to contribute and give something back to the open source community in form of servers and services at their data-center. And make no mistake - StartCom is not the only beneficiary, there are various other Linux vendors which enjoy the generosity of SevenL.

Incidentally today we also released the third version of the StartCom Enterprise Linux AS-5 series, codenamed “Kishuf”. The inclusion of the OpenJDK with this release is also really exiting for me. This is the open source implementation of Sun’s Java SE 6 and fully compatible with any application written for Java. Because MediaHostâ„¢ specialized already almost a decade ago in the hosting of Java based applications such as Servlets, JSP pages and even the Cocoon framework, it’s to me like closing a big circle. Without Sun open-sourcing Java, this wouldn’t have been possible. But open source means advancing each others interests and I’m certain Sun will benefit greatly from this move in due time.

Press release announcing the Web Hosting Partnership.
Press release announcing StartCom Linux AS-5.0.3 with OpenJDK.

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