Against the Current

MoneyAs such nothing special, one might think when reading  the above title in relation to StartCom, right? Because the company I founded does many things already entirely different than others and literally moves many times against the current.

So how are we doing these days, when we hear in the news media on a daily basis about the financial crises, lay-offs, bailouts, bankruptcies  and more? Well, specially the StartCom Certification Authority has never been doing better then now…

…and there is perhaps a logical explanation for it. As private customers and companies alike are trying to reduce their expenses and search for better deals, StartCom provides to them an interesting alternative for those who wish or have to secure their networks, servers and emails. If previously IT managers and small-business entrepreneurs didn’t shy away from the costs for digital certificates, today they would be willing to take higher risks in order to reduce expenses. But instead, many discover now the high value StartCom provides them for essentially far lesser fees than those of the competition.

I see in the current crisis opportunities specially for businesses which think different, are willing to work harder and more efficient, are innovative and most important value their customers! StartCom is doing excellent and I believe even better down the road, despite the current trends of a global financial crisis and recession. Incidentally StartCom is currently raising one million dollar venture capital through an offering of one tenth of the company shares (that’s ten percent of fixed shares) to potential investors. StartCom presents a promising and  interesting investment opportunity and some great projects are ahead of us. Just in a time where losses are counted by the more established companies we’ll have some great news forthcoming soon…  keep watching this space to find out more. ;-)

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