The Race Is On - You Won

The competition in the digital certification business is preparing for StartCom’s entry with its super-cheap EV SSL offerings. Proclaims a director of a well known certification authority:

EV SSL certificates are no longer an expensive premium for Web security; they are a necessary tool to help thwart phishing, man-in-the-middle and other malicious fraud attacks”

Hear hear… suddenly the same product can be sold for a sane price? Just like my colleague Gerv Markham from Mozilla predicted when he challenged StartCom to compete aggressively in the new EV SSL business. Prices are starting to tumble down, maybe because of the recession and perhaps also because StartSSL™ offers the Extended Validation SSL certificates already for US$ 99.90 as part of its beta program. Soon those certificates will show the green address bar as shown below.

Extended Validation Browser Address Bar

If you want to test the upcoming Firefox 3.5 with StartSSL™ EV, download the Beta version and visit this blog again. Users of other browsers will just have to wait a little longer until the green address bar will show up. To secure your own site with an EV cert, learn how to enroll here.

Beyond the obvious benefits the higher validations provide - it’s now certain that YOU, the customer, WON in this race! Go, Go, Go….

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What a beautiful shade of green! It’s reminiscent of the money that site owners are going to save…