Are you also reading Toiletpaper?

Reading Toiletpaper?When buying a newspaper, for what exactly are you paying? For the paper or the content within the paper?

Well, if it would be for the paper, you could probably read last years newspaper much cheaper. Or perhaps you could save yourself the hassle and simply read the toilet paper in the morning instead, it wouldn’t make such a difference, right?

But of course you pay for the content within the paper in order to read about the latest breaking news. The cost of the paper is really insignificant, in the best case the paper is eventually collected and bought back by the paper industry for a few dollars per ton, then recycled. The real value of interest is indeed the content only.

So why does the majority of public certification authorities behave as if they are in the digital paper industry? And why are you willing to pay for the digital paper of SSL certificates substantial sums, when in fact you are only interested in its content? Why not pay only for its real value contained within the certificate?

To be continued…

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Reader Comments

I was reading toiletpaper for the last few years…
And finaly got the real stuff. And I must say that I am impressed with your service!!! I was looking for I cheap wildcard cert solution (for some Time now) I stumbled over an Post about your free Server certs… And while investigating the Solution I discovered your realy fair bussiness model of Just charging for aktual work of Validation an not for the generation of a bytestring :-)

The experience was really cool. I was Impressed by the fact that your system was geting the fact that I tryed registering (because I don’t read everything..)with the bussiness address and got a mail asking for the residetial one. This was with registering for the FREE pki I was IMPRESSED. Then I decided to get validated for the Wildcard cert and I was Sending in Pictures of documents (never needed that for the R… SSL Certs I was using before. I was kind of missing the Automated Phone call I had with R… SSL entering some number saying my name to a voicemail system…) So the Docs where uploaded I got a mail that I would need to provide my creditcard Information, did that. Got confirmation that my credit card was approved. And then the phone rang (unknown international extension) I just picked it up and there was this guy caling himsel eddy asking me questions to verfy my information. I was IMPRESSED again! Humans asking Questions. Later on I was checking out the WOT stuff on the Site I stummbled over the Name of this Eddy Nigg again and this was the third time I was IMPRESSED that day. The Founder of the company is still doing verfications himself!! Not counting Money now I know why start SSL is that cheap (in a purly possitv sense because I whent through a highqualty aproval and haven’t even spend the price I would have spend for a single cert wit R… SSL )

I will recomend your CA erverywhere !!!

Thanks Thomas! Apparently there are still many out there appreciating what we are trying to do. I’m glad this is the case :-)

And yes, I’m still doing verification calls from time to time, enjoy the contact with all our users no matter if they are paying customers or not. And as we are growing and expanding, I’ll try to maintain and train our personnel in order to keep up that little extra which sometimes makes all the difference. Cheers!