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Today I came across a new article about the Top 10 Linux Distributions for Audio Production - Linux Multimedia Stations. Luckily I found our StartCom MultiMedia Edition listed at the 8th place, even so I couldn’t figure which criteria (if at all) was applied to the ranking. Very interesting however was the commentary about our distribution:

StartCom MultiMedia Edition is a multi-purpose Linux distribution with built-in Recording Studio, Video Manipulation Platform and Entertainment Center. The music production section offers some outstanding applications like Rosegarden, Audacity, Muse and many, many sound manipulating effect tools, synthesizers, samplers, sequencers. Being based on Red Hat Enterprise systems, StartCom MultiMedia Edition can perform as a complete Recording Studio and its use requires quite some knowledge and training.

This seems to me a pretty accurate and fair statement about what to expect from our MultiMedia Edition in relation to audio production. But the history of the many Linux Multimedia Stations as they exist today, is something about which I personally can be really proud of:

In 2004 StartCom released the first add-on CD, which was a complete set of audio production related software to be added to the then StartCom Linux version ML-3.0.3. Announced by Desktop Linux with an article titled “Israeli Linux software transforms PCs into music recording studios“, this was the first complete Linux based operating system which offered this capabilities. Since then, both our own distributions evolved parallel to the ever advancing audio related software produced for Linux by the various software writers and projects - but suddenly many similar audio studios literally mushroomed out from the nowhere. Being a leader and visionary in this field had a lot to do with my personal efforts and interests. You can read about it in The Revolution - History - Part 2 article, which perhaps laid the ground and beginning of the StartCom MultiMedia Edition and many similar operating systems after it.

Today we are expecting the newest version ML-6.0.6, which will be already the fourth release of the MultiMedia Edition. Hopefully I myself will be able to spend some more time with all the fancy tools and programs then in the past ;-) . Because Linux can do it all - Join the Revolution!

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