The Fondue Connection

Swiss Cheese FondueAs any Swiss national can confirm, Swiss Cheese Fondue is an integral part and heritage of Switzerland. Swiss eat this hot cheese mix at every possible occasion and it’s specially renowned to bring hearts and spoons together. The fondue is served in a big bowl positioned at the middle of the table as each participant fights to gain some access to the bubbling white brew. Equipped with spoon and some prepared bread which is cut into cubes beforehand, one has to reach the bowl and drown the bread in the fondue. Once the bread (and spoon) has been covered allover with the melting cheese, it is eaten in one bite…and this process is repeated over and over again. Guests not familiar with the Swiss traditions should be careful not to loose the bread in the bowl - it is custom to punish the unlucky ones which happen to loose their slice of bread. Therefore should you have the chance to participate at one of this cultural events, avoid accidents within the bowl or you’ll loose your bread cube eventually. And beware, the Swiss neutrality ends at the fondue!

This culinary orgy and the white wine which is usually served with the meal, is the preferred way to solve disputes in Switzerland and bring hearts, minds and bodies together…More than that, many times one knows how the meal starts, but almost never how and where it ends ;-)

Having grown up most of my childhood in the land of cheese and chocolate (as opposed to milk and honey), fondue is naturally flowing in my veins. Nothing can compensate for the taste and smell of a real Swiss fondue, which however is really hard to get or prepare outside of the alpine area. Not so surprising actually, since most other nationals I know tend to run away just from the smell…not talking about actually eating it.

By disclosing my connection to Switzerland hereby, this story also explains my special gratitude to Manuel Schweizer from Z├╝rich, who happened to learn about my fate of being almost fondue-less in recent years. He sent me today a big box full of ready-to-eat, one-portion Swiss fondue packages which are stored in my fridge by now. Both thumbs up for your effort, Manuel!

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