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Distro SelectorHaving not found much time to tend to my web log these days, I shall nevertheless spend some of it, writing this post. Yeah, I was very busy with a lot of different tasks here at StartCom leaving not much room for anything else. First we had the update release of the StartCom MultiMedia Edition ML-5.0.6 at the last day of October. Also at the same time we launched the new StartSSL web site of the StartCom Certification Authority which is running in beta mode. The site is quite stable now and I expect the introduction of some additional features soon. Shortly afterwards we published the update release of StartCom Enterprise Linux AS-5.0.1, a RHEL clone. Beranger had a lot to say about our release and also found a bug. Not only that, he actually provided me with the fix for it…I wish all users would do that ;-)

And another short while later we released another update of the legacy operating system StartCom Enterprise Linux AS-4.0.5 which is already the sixth release. In between I had a very interesting visitor from Japan. Ben his name, is an Israeli living there for some 20 years now. He brought with him his lovely four year old daughter - a really cute Japanese girl. Ben and me had a lot to talk about and the three days of his visit went in such a speed, we didn’t notice how the time flew.

Also in November I was somewhat busy with my involvement at Mozilla. First, the Mozilla CA policy was updated to version 1.1 in order to allow the distinction of the EV certificates compared to regular SSL. And after the review of two certification authorities the decision was taken that the Mozilla CA policy should be accompanied by much needed recommendation for CAs, which is now a work in progress. This will also lay the next basis for additional improvements of said policy.

Back to Beranger, who made a decision to switch to StartCom Enterprise Linux. In this article he produced the nice Distro Selector image and declared that this is the first weekend when his laptop won’t get reinstalled. He also wonders why StartCom is #1 at DistroRankings, whereas at DistroWatch StartCom is listed much lower. He might ask, why is StartCom underrated at DistroWatch, but since the listings at that site are very controversial already with suspected abuse by some Linux vendors, I guess it’s better to refrain from any comment.

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