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Axel from the BSD Group of Germany still owns me a beer as you can read here. He also seems to be one of those important persons who has his own blog, albeit in the German language. Anyway, it was a pleasure to help out with a verified Class 2 certificate!

Concerning the beer, he suggested to me that “Scheider Weisse (it is rated as one of the world best wheat beers - personally my preferred one) is nice, but “Tannez├Ąpfle” is the better choice. I can send you a bottle or two“. Well Axel, I’m still waiting for the beer, no matter what your choice is ;-)

Schneider WeisseScheider Weisse

Georg I. Schneider acquired the rights to boil wheat beer from King Ludwig II. in 1872 and creator of the original recipe for Schneider Weisse which still holds good today, he is revered by all wheat beer connoisseurs.

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Reader Comments

Hehe, please sent me your snail mail address, i will sent you the beer as soon as possible.

Hey Axel, I simply can’t refuse this offer. Just updated the about page for you ;-)

Imagine 45 degrees at day and 38 at night….one can get really thirsty!