My Own Street

I’m one of the lucky guys having my own street! My friend Wes just sent this image over to me after he discovered the street sign in his hometown. And having my own street has many advantages, believe me! I’m also one of the lucky ones who has his own street in the online virtual world.

Eddy Street Sign

The Internet is a dangerous place and comparable to the highway. As we all drive along this highway of cables, networks, routers and servers using different vehicles sometimes, we are extremely exposed. Many using the same highway aren’t friendly co-drivers, but willing to bump into us at every opportunity. We meet other people, friends, partners on the highway, but that’s nowhere enjoyable as we shout to each other messages and try to understand them. Everybody else traveling on the same route may hear everything as well, therefore we are careful what we say out there. We hardly can trust anybody on the highway, because we don’t know who they really are and if they are friend or foe. We try to hold our business meetings and family outings at the side of the highway in order to get some relief, protected by our firewalls and anti-viruses. But it’s very hard to protect our privacy and having a normal conversation with others even there. We are afraid to share valuable information because of the exposure and our children aren’t having much fun either playing next to the busy highway, constantly under the watchful eyes of us parents.

Wouldn’t it be much easier to have our meetings in our own offices instead at the highway? Or hang out with our friends in our own home, invite our guests inside and make them feel comfortable? I’ve got my own street because of StartCom Linux and the StartCom Certification Authority. That’s because I trust our own products and services the most. Of course others are also traveling on my street, but it’s less noisy, cleaner and generally safer. I still have to be careful, but it’s not the lawlessness of the highway anymore. And I’m extremely lucky, because not many have their own street as I do.

But my street doesn’t have houses yet nor do I have my own home and office in the online digital world. My street doesn’t belong to any place so far and isn’t really protected. I’m going to find a good place for my street where I can open shop, have my office and build my own home, away from the highway but still accessible.

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