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The Race Is On - You Won

The competition in the digital certification business is preparing for StartCom’s entry with its super-cheap EV SSL offerings. Proclaims a director of a well known certification authority:
“EV SSL certificates are no longer an expensive premium for Web security; they are a necessary tool to help thwart phishing, man-in-the-middle and other malicious fraud attacks”

Against the Current

As such nothing special, one might think when readingĀ  the above title in relation to StartCom, right? Because the company I founded does many things already entirely different than others and literally moves many times against the current.
So how are we doing these days, when we hear in the news media on a daily basis […]

MITM attacks - do they really happen?

(If you happen to know what an MITM attack is, fast forward to here)
The man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack is the attempt by an attacker to implant himself between the client (browser, mail client, IM client) and a server serving some web page or other content. The attacker receives all requests and responses to and from the […]

Extended Validation - What it really means

I’m going to give you a better understanding about what extended validation (EV) means and what it really gives to you. Throughout many discussion at Mozilla and elsewhere - and specially since my last article about spoofing the secure state of the upcoming Firefox browser, EV certificates are touted by many as the solution […]

Smart Cards made easy on Linux and Firefox

The managing of smart cards on Linux has never been easy. There are various projects dedicated to providing drivers and libraries to standard interfaces like PKCS11, most notably the OpenSC project. However despite the hard work and some really good tools these projects produced, there was nothing the more casual user could use easily (and […]

PKI, SSO and Smart Cards explained

Smart cards and hardware tokens have a few undeniable advantages, but they become even more obvious when combining PKI, intelligent hardware tokens and single-sign-on solutions for the web. Here the explanation of each component for a better understanding: