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The Race Is On - You Won

The competition in the digital certification business is preparing for StartCom’s entry with its super-cheap EV SSL offerings. Proclaims a director of a well known certification authority:
“EV SSL certificates are no longer an expensive premium for Web security; they are a necessary tool to help thwart phishing, man-in-the-middle and other malicious fraud attacks”

Your Digital Identity Card

Ever since I published “The Added Value” in this web log, interest in the StartSSLâ„¢ Web-of-Trust has been growing. More and more members have registered during the summer month and achieved WoT Notary status. I’ve received enthusiastic email messages with encouragements and voicing support for the StartCom certification services in general and the StartSSLâ„¢ WoT […]

Extended Validation - What it really means

I’m going to give you a better understanding about what extended validation (EV) means and what it really gives to you. Throughout many discussion at Mozilla and elsewhere - and specially since my last article about spoofing the secure state of the upcoming Firefox browser, EV certificates are touted by many as the solution […]